Lead Singer

           Chris McKain

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Christine McKain
Chris is convinced that in a past life she was an aspiring singer who met her untimely death on the Titanic. So hey, it stands to reason that in this life she’s been striving to make good on her second chance. And to just keep swimming, She’s been singing since she was a girl, egged on by musical parents (who met in a high school play), countless voice, choral and drama coaches, and probably one too many Barbra Streisand records. She studied classical voice and journalism at Indiana University, sang in a France piano bar, and in-between “day jobs” as a writer and mom to 3 boys, has performed as a wedding soloist, and with bands McKain Miller (rock), the Chris McKain Band (blues, R&B), and Blue Sky (country). With Cold Sweat 3.0 she has a chance to play with some of the best (and nicest) musicians in Rochester, select challenging songs not everybody is doing, and the freedom to put her own stamp on them. Collaborating on some of their own music too, which she’s always wanted to do, makes it a dream come true for Chris. She just needs to remember her tambourine, and her lifejacket. 

Lead Guitar

Steve Casilio


I started studying the guitar at age 10 mostly self taught listening to a wide Varity of music. My  influences include such players as Eric Clapton, Alvin Lee, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Carlos Santana, Johnny Winter, Stevie Ray Vaughan, BB King, Mike Bloomfield, Garry Moore, Robin Trower, Larry Carlton, John McLaughlin, Larry Coryell, Wes Montgomery, Charley Bird, and Andréa Segovia.
I am presently performing with the Cold Sweat Band . Some of the bands I have performed with in the past were Little Napoleon, Captain Jack Blues Band, Rawkass, Straight Ahead, and Urbon Blite.
Over the years I have written many songs gaining a strong under standing of song structure and hooks that have appeal to my listeners. About 7 years ago he taught himself piano which gives him a difference perspective when approaching a new piece of material.
Performing, learning, and listening to music are a big part of his life. I also a collector of new & older guitars and amplifiers some of which are customized. I get a kick out of walking into a music shop picking up variety of guitars, then playing them through various amps for hours enjoying each of the instruments sound and personality.

Drums & Vocals

Dave Gardner